This is a Women's (Organic Cotton) Full Zip Kangaroo Hoody!  This Commemorative hoody is for students of the 20/21 Edible Property Design course.  


This is a Supportive Payment!  All proceeds go to keeping this course FREE for students for ALL of 2021! ...and yes you get this awesome Kangaroo Hoody with exclusive designs and illustrations by Zach Loeks.All proceeds go to helping this course remain open and FREE for students for ALL of 2021!


SAVE Shipping and Pick-up at the Subruban Edible Ecosystem in Winnipeg at our Spring Plant Sale!


Please select Pick-up (So no shipping is charged)!  Pick-up will be on Saturday May 29th at Suburban Edible Ecosystem in Winnipeg!



***Please note, this is a supportive payment to help fund the Edible Property Design course as open, available and free course, as opposed to a payed course.  Also, please note we do need to charge HST taxes on these supportive payments as a registered business providing the service of the Edible Property Design course.  Thanks for helping us keep Edible Property Design accessible to students!

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