We design custom eco-education sites at all scales: from small urban lots to large rural conservation areas.


We also design the interpretive panels needed for its success.  


These sites are for groups and organizations looking to create outdoor educational experiences.  


Intepretive panels range in size anywhere from large panels (3 x5'), medium panels (2 x3') to smaller panels (12" x18") and micro signage (3" x8"). 


Panels are custom designed to your specifications and can include your website, sponsor logos, your partners and information that you want to share.   We also provide name tags, arboretum tags, stakes. Everything needed to set up an eco-education site.


Themes might include: bidoiversity, traditional knowledge, ecosystem landscaping, cultural heritage, community well-being, etc.  


Work one-on-one with The Ecosystem Solution Team to create a visual and information experience worthy of your site and vision!


We can also discuss providing plants, helping to design, plant and build the eco-space as well.  Please send us an email to Edible Eco-system Design at ZachLoeks@gmail.com to see about our availability for eco-ecuation site design and install for 2021/22.


By checking out you are providing a $100 deposit to book a preliminary consult with Zach Loeks for 1 hour to determine the goals, scope and potential of creating an eco-education space.

Eco-education Site Design