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This is for a 20 pack of Tags!  Each tags has an EBCA number (Edible Biodiversity Conservation Area with a unique ID numbers- you are becoming a hot spot of edible biodiversity conservation!!!


Not only is this the most affordable way of keeping your plant genetic data safe it is also a way of joing our movement!


Here is how it works:


When you order Edible Biodiversity ID Tags your tags will have unique ID numbers.  You can then write these ID numbers into a notebook and spreadsheet and write the plant type, variety name, and rootstock of your plant there for safe keeping.  These ID tags wont fade or blow away like plastic tree tags!


However, your Unique ID # are also recorded in our data sets and we will not only record your varitiety names, rootstock and locations, but we will also hodl data on the planting date, the hardiness factor and many other information over the years as you continue to grow and nurture your plants and provide feedback.  


You can also list your plant on our Diversity Map.  Launching April 1st you can visit

Edible Biodiversity ID Tags (15 pack)

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