So, you want to plant an edible hedge!  Edible hedges are wonderful, edible and biodiverse garden plantings that can be designed into any yard, field or community green space.  Using our systems of modular design and our research on cold hardy and site-suitable varieties, we are set to help you grow a great edible landscape at home or in a community green space!


Our Edible Hedge Kits come with all the key ingredients needed to plant a 5 ft x 15 ft edible hedge.  Including all the plants needed, many supplies and a step-by-step guide for how to build your garden bed, layout your planting, plant your site, and how to maintain it in an affordable and efficient way!  Including a phone consult with an expert designer so we can pick the best plants for you, your site and the vision for your property!




1 to 2 Fruit Trees (depending on site design)

Complete ground cover companion plants for 5' x 15'

1-3 berry bushes (depending on site design)

Pollinator companions

Nitrogen fixers

Complete design and planting plan for your Edible Hedge Site!

Unique micro-nutrient blend for a proper start!

20 Minute Phone Consult with one of our expert designer!


Also includes:

rodent guards for trees

Unique metal ID tags for each variety

Weed barrier cloth to help plant establish


What else is needed?

You will need to source a few extra materials, such as compost and chip mulch, and exact quantities and sources are outlined in your manual!



Edible Hedge Planting Kit

C$1,100.00 Regular Price
C$825.00Sale Price
Types of Fruit Tree