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The Ecosystem Solution Institute

The Ecosystem Solution Institute (ESI) has roots in several pieces of Earth- including a regenerative farm, an edible botanical garden, and a suburban food forest.  ESI is run by a team of dedicated individuals working to disperse solutions for societal resilience and community wellbeing.

We believe that the way forward is to first transition land.  As land transitions, people will change- become healthier, happier and more conscious.  As people change, our culture will transform at all levels and walks of life.  It starts by planting a tree in your yard, a hedgerow on the farm, or a community garden in town.

ESI, It's Easy!

Human Habitat

Societal success is intrinsically linked to biodiversity.  Our ancestral human habitat consisted of abundant diverse and useful ecosystems.  Integrating edible landscape, gardens, and trees into our communities is a key ingredient for societal resilience, improving our quality of life and environmental sustainability.  Planting ecosystem garden spots is how we rebuild true human habitat, one spot at a time.

Tree planting is considered one of the best means of reducing climate change since they are powerful carbon sinks and sources of regenerative resources.  Diversified greenspaces can mitigate the effects of heatwaves, floods, and improve food security, alleviate poverty, and provide well-being for people in a busy modern world.

Human Habitat = Edible Biodiversity

One Spot at a time

We can build a resilient society one spot at a time!  Every 25 square feet can be designed as a micro landscape with beneficial ecosystem goods and services.  Many spots, make many services.

Our cultural landscape is full of under-utilized, inefficient greenspaces that can be transitioned to more enjoyable, useful, and sustainable spaces.  The modern layout of our community green spaces (organized and uniform yards, medians, parks, etc.) makes them transition-ready!  Ready to be planted in an efficient and affordable manner.

Every piece of land is an opportunity

Educate, Propagate, Inspire

Each micro landscape is uniquely suited to catalyze land transition and societal transformation.  Every micro landscape is a local biodiversity hotspot, living laboratory, and source point of dispersal.  These characteristics make it an EPI Site, a place for Education, Propagation, and Inspiration to help transition more spots of land and transform communities.

Your EPI Site holds our food plant heritage in hand, secures genetic wealth and builds community food security!  ...and it provides food and beauty for your family and friends.

Build an EPI Site >> 

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