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Looking for rural properties and lands for Diversity Afforestation Projects (DAPs)!  
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committing to planting 50,000+ trees per year for 10 years using an ecosystem design approach.


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Welcome to The Ecosystem Solution Institute website!  We have many resources and projects to share with you here.  If we can help you further please send us an email.

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New Book!

New at the Institute

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Grab the Book!

A practical guidebook to growing edible biodiversity!
  • About biodiversity benefits and ecosystem landscape design​

  • Property layout strategies

  • Step-by-step design

  • How to transition your community

What people are saying about the Book!


Resilience in an increasingly uncertain future demands that most of our food must be grown locally.  Zach Loeks provides an approach that will be vital in a warming world.

David Suzuki 

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Here are some of our courses...
Go deeper with our online courses at our brand new Ecosystem University!

All about guilds!

This course is an intensive look at food guild design.  From companion planting practices to case studies of successful guild designs, this course is foundational to garden success for home gardeners or commercial growers.


Build upon your skills

This course occurs over a weekend with 12 hours of course material designed as an intensive skill-building course.  Perfect for those who already have skills in gardening, landscaping, regenerative design, and natural resource management and other environmental studies.


Grow like a pro!

This course looks at professional garden principles, tools and techniques that are applicable to home gardeners and homesteaders, and make a world of difference in small-plot gardening success!


Design from scratch!

This course is fully funded for Manitobans through a partnership with the government of Manitoba's Safe at Home Program and The Ecosystem Solution Institute. This course is a step-by-step property design course with visioning, mapping, design and planting skills-building.


How can we help?

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I want to register my garden as an EPI Site!

EPI Sites are designed to help spread edible biodiversity into communities by sharing knowledge, plants and inspiring change.  We also support EPI Sites with email support and occasional site visits.


I want to hire Zach as a speaker for an event or conference

You can download Zach's speaking topics below, and thens end an email inquiry.


I want you to design my edible ecosystem

Zach offers phone consults, site visits/assessments and property designs and installs.  You can learn more about edible ecosystem design at Zach Loeks website.  


I want to build an ecosystem education site.

We are looking for dedicated individuals and groups who want specialized design/consulting to help them build ecosystem education spaces.  From Living Laboratories, Edible Bike lanes to Agro-biodiversity Arboretums, we can help your goal be realized.

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I want to attend a workshop

All of our workshops are online at EcosystemU.  We have shorter intensives, longer design workshops and a selection of certifications.  Visit our online virtual school for a full list of 2021 courses!


I want an interview or have Zach write 

an article!

Zach does custom illustration, photos and article for publication, he is also available for interviews and podcasts.