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Step-by-step process to become an official EPI Site!

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Site selection and analysis. Public and private green spaces have many under-utilized micro-landscape.


Build a Permabed.  Proper garden preparation of a 25 square foot garden spot or longer raised bed. 


Source site-suitable edible and useful plants.  Local nurseries, neighbors and farmers are good sources of knowledges. 


Design an ecosystem guild.  Consider chosen site and design your plants into a companionship guild.


Plant your micro landscape.  Plant at the best time of year, and use proper planting procedures.


Emphasize ecosystem qualities with plant name tags, educational signage and design notebook.


Educate your community over-the-fence, on social media and through workshops.


Propagate the best plants, build new garden spots and disperse site-suitable plants into your community.


Inspire land transition and societal transformation through your EPI Site.

EPI Site Design
Successful EPI sites help to educate, propagate and inspire community land transition


EPI sites teach people right where they stand through plant name tags and interpretive panels, and customized eco-education signage.  The importance of signage to record genetic diversity is a critical action for community edible landscaping.

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Suitable Plants

EPI Sites are living laboratories that demonstrate the sites-suitability of their food plant guilds (companionship plants).   A plant's winter survival, management success, and culinary enjoyment, means it is site-suitable and can be propagated and dispersed to help transition your community!



The success of an EPI Site is stewardship.  Stewards are individuals/groups that care for a site, enjoy its bounty, and contribute to land transition.  Stewards educate neighbors,  propagate plants and inspire others to take a spot of Earth and make their own EPI Site.  Stewards can set an example, offer mentorship and/or provide sponsorship.

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Become an EPI Site!

EPI Sites disperse education, propagate plants and inspire community action.  EPI helps your site gain visibility and better reach your education, propagation, and inspiration goals

Email us about EPI kits with educational signage, installation designs, and free consultation!


Start by Registering your site and sharing some of your garden plant success!

The EPI System is a framework for land transition and societal transformation.


Zach Loeks

Edible Ecosystem Design